Welcome to BirthdayBallerinaParty.com, I am Angela Grove, a practising Chiropractor and ballet teacher. Read more about me here.

I have created a unique party concept for children’s birthdays and other special events – A Ballerina Party for those budding ballerinas or for children who simply want to experience the world of dance in a supervised and fun way.

Families choose Birthday Ballerina parties for a variety of events including family gatherings, street parties, and employee appreciation or family days. Schools also host special days where Birthday Ballerina can teach and entertain children, groups and school classes.

Both children and parents love our parties which vary from traditional ballerina and dance inspired parties to our unique DancingSpine parties which encourage good posture and build strong spines. Children feel inspired and jump for joy during our entertaining classes and celebrations. Mums and Dads are proud to see their children express creativity through dance and movement.

Some events where we can entertain include:

• Birthdays
• Family events
• BBQs
• Family picnic
• Corporate parties for families
• Employee appreciation days
• School classes
• Daycares and Nursery
• Neighbourhood parties
• Street parties
• Festivals
• Bank Holiday gatherings
• Jubilee weekend events
• Summer party
• Wedding entertainment

What to do next?

We can come to your event or venue or you come to us!
Birthday Ballerina will come to your birthday party or special event.
Events can take place in your home, leisure centre, school, local park, nursery, picnic area or club house.

Events can also take place at our studio in Highgate (8 children & 2 adults maximum).

Birthday Ballerina loves working with children and families. Parents love the events and feel inspired to move and dance too! I can customise your party or dance class based on your child’s age and skills.

I offer traditional ‘Birthday Ballerina’ parties or ‘DancingSpine’ parties too. Dancingspine parties focus on stretch and creating strong, healthy spines which support good posture. I incorporate my 12 years experience as a Chiropractor, as well as my Yoga, Pilates and Dance experience all in one fun party or dance class!

Call Angelina on +44 7904911499 to request the studio venue or to discuss possible locations.